Our Team

Anamaria RecioAnamaria Recio

Anamaria Recio is an Honors student from Arizona State University. She is known for her creativity, as well as her strong communication and leadership skills. She considers herself “passion personified”. She comes with a solid foundation of what it takes to make an event perfect and beautiful and she will make certain that you have the affair of your dreams.

Carolina CastanoCarolina Castano

Carolina Castano is a A+ student with a Biology Major attending the College of St. Elizabeth. Carolina is studying to be a doctor, but she has also developed a love for special events. She has always been known as the “planner” with her family and friends and she's always ‘taken charge’ by planning all the outings, trips and parties. Carolina is an extremely hard worker and she puts 110% in all that she does! She considers herself a “people person” with a very open mind, outgoing and friendly.

Christina LeamerChristina Leamer

Christina gratudated from Hofstra University with a degree in Public Relations. She developed a passion for the Wedding industry after seeing the movie “The Wedding Planner.” Christina began her road with two internships in the field which both lead to part-time jobs during college. Upon gradutating, she landed a job in Seattle as a Catering Manager to a high-profile membership club where she set up all meetings, events, and weddings. After two years, she is now back on the East Coast working as a Catering Manager in New York City as well as assisting Inez Bennett at Elaborate Parties by Bennett. Christina is happy to say that she has worked with Inez Bennett for the past five years now and is thrilled when another opportunity arises.