Frequently asked questions

What if there are family conflicts; how can a wedding coordinator help?

A wedding is a joyful event. Although, sometimes it can cause tension between the couple, the parents and other family members, especially if some of these family members are paying for the wedding. We, at Elaborate Parties by Bennett, will make sure to use our diplomatic style to resolve any “tensions” that come up and offer solutions to the problems. We are very conscientious and realize that a wedding is for the bride and groom and will make certain that all the couples' choices are satisfied by recommending creative solutions to satisfy all the concerns of those involved.

How flexible will a coordinator be?

Forget any notions you may have had about “all or nothing” or “one size fits all.” In today's world, many couples are busy with their careers, looking for a house, some are going to school part-time and on top of that — planning a wedding. It's very reasonable to hire a wedding coordinator to help them with the wedding plans. This can work in the same way that they would “delegate” or “outsource” projects at work. We, at Elaborate Parties by Bennett, can handle everything or you can pick and choose several areas where you need the most help. Remember that the best wedding coordinators know how to skillfully guide you through the entire process without taking control from you.

Will a coordinator be aggressive and tell all the vendors what to do?

The staff at Elaborate Parties by Bennett helps you hire only reputable and established vendors. This is certainly the case since our 'reputation is on the line' if something goes wrong. We thrive to achieve a 'balanced relationship' between our clients and the vendors, whether we help hire them or not. We know that it takes a great TEAM to have a great event and we work with all the vendors to make sure that this happens.

What if there is a ‘coordinator’ on site already? What would hiring an event coordinator do for me?

The staff at Elaborate Parties by Bennett will be there for you from beginning to end. Whether you hire us at the beginning, middle or end of your planning, we will be there the day before your event, at a wedding rehearsal and certainly on the day of your event. Like any roller coaster ride, your wedding day will be a magnificent memory tomorrow, but a huge load to process right now. It might even scare you a little. We realize that some venues have 'on site coordinators'; however, we are considered a huge help by being an extra set of hands, eyes and ears if anything goes wrong -- generally we oversee all of the vendors, vendors' employees, relatives, friends, etc., leaving you to concentrate on getting yourself prepared and having the day of your life.