What our clients had to say...

"When Scott and I first met Inez, we liked her immediately and knew we would be able to work with her. We were still not convinced though that we needed a planner and were hesitant to add any additional expenses to the wedding. In the end, we opted for Inez's 'full planning' service and never had any regrets. Choosing to work with Inez was the best decision we made. Inez helped us create a unique and memorable wedding while staying within our budget. Even in the last few days prior to the wedding, our families remained stress-free".
– Jenna and Scott

"Dear Inez, Thank you again for all of your support throughout our wedding! You were amazing!! I can't thank you enough! Also, thank you so much for the hand calligraphy for the name cards. They were beautiful! Can't wait to see you! Love, Gina and Randy"
– Gina and Randy

"Inez, we just have one last question, out of the many that we asked throughout our planning: How do we get to keep our wedding planner?!"
– Teri and Joseph

"Hi Inez. We felt that the wedding was perfect!!! Everything came off without a "hitch". We felt everyone's performance was top notch. Especially, you and your assistant. Inez, the only thing that we are sorry about is that we don't have any more girls. Everyone is concerned that there aren't going to be any more weddings. We have had a lot of great feedback. Again, thank you so much for all that you did for us."
– Judie (Mother of the Bride), Lisa and Steve

"Inez, we didn't want to go off on our honeymoon without leaving you a thank you message and a big hug over the phone. Thank you so much for all your hard work leading up to this day; we really appreciate it. We think that you are a great person that really cares and we are so thankful for all the advice you gave us on everything so that we can pull this wedding off. Again, we thank you; you are such a special person and it was great having you along at our side, especially through all the ups and downs in planning this event! I'm sure we will always keep in touch!"
– Jolanta and Dan

"Inez, you were absoutely fabulous on the wedding day. I don't know what I would have done without you that day. You were so helpful, pleasant, and accomodating. I am definitely happy that we used you for the "day-of" services. You didn't just help me - but all of my family and guests, as well. I heard about how you overheard my cousin complaining about a headache and saved the day by rummaging through your very well-stocked emergency kit to get him some tylenol. You weren't pushy or obtrusive. You were just perfect. Everyone thought you were so sweet and not the typical "wedding planner" type. The vendors also liked you. Many of them were concerned when I told them that we had a wedding coordinator, however, after meeting you they changed their minds. I would absolutely recommend you to future brides. It was so good to have someone to rely on in making the day run smooth. Also, the chair covers looked absoutely beautiful. Your assistants did an amazing job. I must say that I was a little concerned that they wouldn't look neat, but your crew did a fantastic job. Your assistant, Christina also did a great job. Mark was very grateful that she was at the Church to help the groomsmen. She was also very professional, sweet, and unobtrusive."
– Danielle and Mark

"You're really wonderful, Inez! You've gone well over and beyond what you are obligated to help us with. You are always able to be contacted, and you return phone calls and e-mails very promptly. Next, you are a very caring and well educated person who understands the 'ins and the outs' of the wedding business. That attribute makes you a very valuable and successful wedding coordinator. Also, you are a pleasure to talk to and have wonderful ideas, and a vast database filled with information to make those ideas come to life. I feel it is very important to be able to talk, and to understand someone who respects your ideas. Ideas are only as good as they are communicated to others, and if they are communicated wrong, or if they are misunderstood, then the end result is not pleasing. That is why you being a pleasure to talk to is an extremely vital asset to us, because we're able to fortify our ideas with you. Ultimately gaining us the perfect wedding..."
– Carol-Ann and Jason

"Hi Inez, Thanks for all of your help. I think everything did go well all around. I thought it ended up being a very classy wedding that was a lot fun. I thank you for all of your hard work and help at organizing the event, and Anamaria for her help. Regards, Carolyn"
– Carolyn and Gary

"Inez, we had such a wonderful time at our wedding and we both know it was in large part due to your efforts. Thank you so much for all you did and we definitely owe the success of our wedding to you! We tell everyone we know who is getting married to get in touch with you because of the fabulous job you did at our wedding. Love Ann Marie & Chris"
– Ann Marie and Chris

"Inez, I was delighted by the way you handled my wedding and by the fact that I felt relaxed and forgot about every detail, as I trusted you. Had it not been for your services, we would had not have a wedding like we did. If I had to do it again, I would certainly pick you again to be our wedding consultant! With sincere thankfulness, Fred Rincon, MD"
– Erine and Fred

"Inez, you and your staff were terrific! We are very glad that we used you and would recommend you to other people. Inez, your professionalism coupled with your experience was invalable to us."
– Ashley and Brandon

"Inez, you were just wonderful. I do intend to write you a letter, but in the mean time I have to say that if I had to do it all over again, I would not hesitate to work with you. Of course, the help that you provided over the year of planning was great, but the kindness and attention that you paid to our happiness during the wedding could not be appreciated more. You handled everything that would have stressed me out, and had such a genuine enthusiasm for my big day. Thank you."
– Kelly and David

"Inez, thank you for the wonderful job you did coordinating our wedding. We look forward to the day when you will coordinate our children's weddings!"
– Crystal and Reggie

"I must admit that Johnny and I were close to a state of panic when we had trouble finding a location and an officiant for our non-denominational ceremony... It was a relief to have a resourcefull wedding consultant like you who can quickly find options for our difficult situations."
– Mindy and Johnny

"We gave her three months to plan the entire event, but she did a great job researching, taking photos and setting up a website where we could view the different options for location, flowers and menus... It was a great pleasure to have Inez plan our wedding and we highly recommend her to other couples who are thinking about getting married."
– Diana and Augusto

"Your genuine sincerity and dedication in making my day a success was exceptional. You became a friend, as well as a consultant."
– Ouida and Donald

"Inez, it was so enjoyable working with you and you always went out of your way to make sure all of the details were tended to by either yourself or reliable professionals."
– Renee and Mark

"I wanted to thank you for such a great job that you did with our wedding. You were such a wonderful help with all the vendors and a lifesaver the day of the wedding. Having you with us on our wedding day really kept my nerves at bay. Thank you again."
– Tara and Joe

"Inez, thank you for all the wonderful things that you did for Ray and I throughout our planning. It was so nice to have someone seek advice from and turn to ask questions. We know we had a lot. Thanks for being a part of our wedding; you truly made it unique."
– Vicki and Ray

"...THANK YOU for your help!!! You being there REALLY REALLY helped me to relax the day of the wedding. I saw you were running around doing tons of things!!! Adam and I were really pleased with how the wedding went. Both of us felt like stars!!!"
– Dina and Adam

"Inez, Kris and I want to thank you and your assistant for the part you played in providing our daughter Jennifer with the wedding she has always dreamed of. With your help, Kris and I were freed from having to worry about all the details of the day, which turned out to be many. Everything came off without a hitch, and we are grateful to you for your calm, knowledgeable support."
– Kristine and Peter (Parents of the Bride)

"Inez, I can't thank you enough for all that you did for me and my family. It was a great help to have you around - between helping me get ready, organizing logistics, and having you there for minor emergencies, it was a huge load off my mind. Thanks for everything you did - you were great and I would be thrilled to recommend you to others."
– Jennifer and George

"Thanks for coordinating everything at our wedding. Our wedding guests told us that they thought you were great, which proved to us that we made the right decision to work with you. Your presence gave me the opportunity to sit back and enjoy my wedding day which Rolando and I really did because we knew you were on the job and watching out for our guests."
– Bonnie and Rolando

"...the fact that practically the entire wedding was organized through the internet and me working outside the country makes your job that much more commendable... I was very fortunate to have acquired you as my wedding consultant and would be glad to recommend you to others."
– Tina and Victor